Aircraft Salvage


Client: Municipality of Werkendam
Period: 2014

In June 1944, the Germans shot down a British Avro Lancaster bomber. The plane, Lancaster LM 508, crashed in the floodplains of Werkendam. Gunner Sgt John Keogh was the only crew-member who was unable to leave the plane safely. His body was still trapped in the wreck and had to be given a dignified burial.

Bodac performed the salvage operation, which was completed in just over a month.

The operation received a lot of publicity and was featured in several television broadcasts:


Client: Municipality of Heerde
Period: 2014

A British Halifax bomber crashed on the shore of Apeldoorn Canal in Wapenveld in April 1943. All crew members were killed. A large part of the aircraft was salvaged by Germans in 1943.

Before the canal could be dredged and made navigable again, a new salvage operation was necessary in 2014. Major Arie Kappert (Aircraft Salvage Officer of the Dutch Royal Air Force) was in charge of the salvage operation.

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