UXO Risk Management

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Project Risk Analysis (PRA)

Why consider making a risk analysis when there are indications that your project site may contain unexploded ordnance (UXO)?

A Project Risk Analysis (PRA) provides insight into the nature and extent of the risks to operating personnel and the surrounding area during the realization of your project. The outcome of the analysis is a valid conclusion regarding the risks of the possible presence of unexploded ordnance (UXO) in relation to the planned work and the future use of the area.

The detailed approach to the project and the risks leads to customized solutions in the field of explosives detection. In many cases this saves time and money!

A risk analysis consists of:

  • Analysing historical reports
  • determining site-specific conditions
  • Identifying future use (definition of the project)
  • Identifying influencing factors
  • Study of (specific) risks;
  • Identification of possible effects
  • Assessing the risks (study of scenarios)
  • Conclusions and advice

Bodac can also assist in integrating the various disciplines involved (e.g. archeology, environment and cultural history) into the remaining detection and clearance activities and the (temporary) securing of UXO.