Remote Operated UXO airlift and dredge method

disposal by detention
disposal by detention

BODAC operates COBRA Mine Disposal Systems, a non-electric firing system with a wireless ignition. This system is developed and manufactured by ECS Special Projects Ltd. and provides a safe, reliable and cost effective solution for the neutralisation or disposal of explosive ordnance. The system has passed rigorous Safety and Performance testing and meets DEF Standards, International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATG), International Mine Action Standards (IMAS), Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines.

With this system BODAC can conduct underwater Render Safe Procedures, Recovery or Disposal of Explosive Ordnance (EO) in a safe, cost and time efficient manner.

The Bodac Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Team can now undertake Global EOD actions:

  1. As a routine part of UXO clearance operations, upon discovery of EO;
  2. To dispose of EO discovered outside hazardous areas, (this may be a single item of EO), or larger number inside a specific area); or
  3. To dispose of EO which has become hazardous by deterioration, damage or attempted destruction; or a
  4. 24/7 hour availability on e.g. dredging operations in a post war hazardous environment.

The destruction of munitions and explosives by high order detonation releases substances that may cause harm to human health, as well as to the environment on e.g. cetaceans and seals. Therefore, Bodac developed a nine phases process to achieve minimal harm to environment during disposal methods. Engineering a disposal plan per target will result in the best solution for efficiency and protection of the environment. 

During the disposal phase of a project the UXO will be disposed by deployment of a sympatic-(bulk) or shape charge. The method of disposal always depends on several factors which is an outcome of Bodac 9 steps Risk Assessment. The charge is to be delivered by the ROV and is initiated using the Wireless Initiation Float with PTFS system.

The reusable Initiation Float is intended for RF initiation up to 1350 meter. A shock tube canister will be pre-installed prior to system preparation.