BODAC diving equipment

binnenzijde duikcontainer

Dive control container (DCC)

The BODAC DCC is a complete 2 diver air / nitrox diving control container for diving up to 50 metres. The system is built in accordance with IMCA guidelines and national legalisations.


  • 20ft CSC container
  • 2 man air/nitrox diving panel
  • HP 300 bar air compressor
  • HP 300 bar air storage
  • Diving Pneumo gauges
  • Digital depth gauge 
  • Gas analysis sample lines, O2 analysers and monitors
  • CCTV subsea video camera monitoring system c/w video recording suites
  • Switch for underwater pumps, water jetting and Broco burning
  • Diver helmets (2 x KM27)
  • Diver communication radio units
  • Event based software
  • 2 x diver umbilicals (standard 125m)
  • Diving primary medical kit (DMAC 015)
  • Diving supervisor work station
  • LCD flatscreen diving monitors
  • VHF
  • Heater
  • 2 deckcamera’s
  • Airconditioned
  • Lloyds witness Certificate