UXO Marine Survey


BODAC has international experience in land and underwater Explosive Ordnance surveys and clearance. We can provide you with innovative, technically advanced and individually tailored survey and clearance solutions.

What is UXO? 

UXO is the abbreviation for unexploded ordnance, which are explosive devices (military munitions such as bombs, rockets, missiles, grenades and landmines) that were deployed, but did not detonate as intended. These munitions were prepared for action (i.e. primed, fused or armed) and deployed in a manner to pose a risk to operations, installations or personnel, yet remain unexploded for various reasons such as malfunction or design. Even after decades of dormancy, UXO presents a tremendous risk to day-to-day operations in a given area. UXO exists worldwide and poses a potentially lethal threat in any area in which it is present.

Detection & Clearance

Many areas of the world's marine environment have been contaminated by UXO as a result of years of conflict, military use and sea dumping. The detection and clearance of unexploded ordnance in an underwater environment is a difficult and challenging operation which requires suitably qualified and experienced staff with the appropriate tried and proven equipment. BODAC’s team of specialists will carry out the job with great care and focuses on creating safe conditions for the clearance operations.

Depending upon the environment and the depth of UXO objects, BODAC will use underwater detection equipment, depth detection, a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) or divers to identify, relocate and clear individual objects or designated areas.

All of BODAC’s operations are carried out in accordance with the relevant national and international rules and regulations. Our personnel is educated and certified for the task at hand. Our diving equipment is built according to all relevant regulations and IMCA standards.

BODAC methodologies

Our investigation methodologies include one or a combination of the following elements:

  • Expertise and advice centre
  • Risk management
  • Historical research
  • Archaeology
  • Survey and detection
  • Diving support
  • Mechanical support
  • Project guidance
  • UXO or Diving representatives during the project

We carry out all our services with enthusiasm and open communication. We support the requests and needs of our clients with expertise and creative solutions. We are dedicated to high quality service and durable relations with our clients.

For questions about our methodology, technology or availability please feel free to contact us at any time.