Depth detection

dieptedetectie explosieven

In areas with "soft" soil (aerial) bombs may have penetrated to a greater depth. Besides surface detection (4,5 meters below ground level), BODAC is also able to perform depth detection to a depth of about 18 meters below ground level. Our UXO experts can use this detection equipment both on land as well as in the water (from a pontoon).

In order to detect UXO at this depth we work with an MDE-drive. This is a pressure mechanism with a long lance, with a sensitive measuring sensor in its tip, which is pressed into the soil according to a predetermined measuring grid (as with probing). While the sensor is pressed into the ground, a senior UXO-expert is watching the data it returns in real-time. When anomalies are detected, the UXO-expert can stop the process immediately and register the measured results. This way, a large project area can be mapped relatively quickly and accurately to a greater depth. Another advantage of this detection technique is that the soil structure remains intact. The data can be processed and presented in different ways, such as AutoCad, Microstation and GIS (with different backgrounds).