Marine mammals protection plan


The use of explosives at, or in close vicinity of the sea has potential impact on marine mammals. Think about seals, porpoises, whales, dolphins, etc. 

BODAC has a stringent set of environmental policies, assuring minimal impact on the environment, these will be described in a Project Specific Disposal Plan and highlighted to all personnel during their site introduction, daily meetings and toolbox talks.

BODAC their aim is reducing the risk of injury and disturbance from explosive activities to marine mammals including seals, porpoise, whales, dolphins etc. When disposal in SITU cannot be avoid the default mitigation zone for marine mammal observation mitigation should be 1 kilometer, measured from the detonation point and coverage a circular of 360 degrees.

BODAC’s total mammal protection concept has 7 steps before final detonation.

Please contact BODAC for more information.