Aircraft Recovery

bodemonderzoek explosieven graafmachine

During the Second World War, approximately 6,000 aircraft crashed on Dutch territory, both on land and in the water. Most of these aircraft have been salvaged. Wrecks may contain remains of the crew. Those wrecks are considered to be graves and cannot be disturbed. Often monuments have been placed nearby. The municipality can decide to salvage a wreck. Usually, this happens when a wreck is a hazard to the surrounding area, for example because of the presence of UXO inside the aircraft. Salvaging an aircraft happens around 2 or 3 times a year.

Salvaging an aircraft is a complex operation, that requires attention to human remains, UXO and archaeological items. This means it is very important to work carefully and precisely. BODAC has sieving equipment that sieves soil into very fine grains. Using this equipment, no item of importance will be missed during a salvaging operation.

Our experience with salvaging operations, the expertise of our personnel and our modern equipment guarantee the correct handling of any salvaging operation, regardless of the type of soil. We aim to involve all interested parties and the client in the project, by being transparent about our findings and clear communications.