UXO clearance - Rotterdam

explosieven opsporing

Client:                              Havenbedrijf Rotterdam
                                         (municipality of Rotterdam)
Implementation period:  2015-2016

In order to increase the storage and handling capacity of the Koole Terminals, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam has decided to realise an additional quay. In order to safely create the quay, it is necessary to first inspect the area for the presence of Unexploded Ordnance. This work is being performed by BODAC. Based on historical research, the area is suspected to contain 1,000 lbs of residual ammunition. UXO can be present to a depth of 7 metres below NAP. BODAC performs depth detection up to about 11 metres below ground level.

In order to investigate the area with as little groundwork as possible, BODAC will use its own equipment. BODAC has a depth detection system equipped with state-ofthe-art technology. This ensures that all objects that fall within the research assignment are located and the client is assured that there are no more explosives present that pose a risk to the realization of the new quay.