UXO clearance polyvalent workplace - Melle (Ghent, B)

bodemonderzoek explosieven

Client:                                    TUCrail Belgian Rail Engineering 
Implementation period:       2014-2017

TUCrail Belgian Rail Engineering has commissioned BODAC to carry out clearance of unexploaded ordnance (UXO) near Gent in Belgium. In the First and Second World War many battles took place in this area and allied strategic bombers targeted the railroad area dozens of times between 1940 and 1944. To create a safe working environment for the construction of the new multifunctional workplace, BODAC has conducted detection surveys. A variety of advanced survey equipment was used, including active & passive radar detection and ground penetrating radar systems. During the detection efforts various UXO-items were found from both World Wars. BODAC completed this first phase in 2015. Afterwards BODAC was commissioned for the second phase of the project, to remove overhead poles, clear all tracks and construct platforms so the construction of the workplace can commence.