Beach Munitions Sifting Plant - Zeebrugge (B)

detectie explosieven op het strand

Bodac conducts mechanical soil sifting operations on our Beach Munitions Sifting Plant - Zeebrugge (Belgium)

Client:             Martens en Van Oord
Location:        Zeebrugge (Belgium)
Period:            2017

Elia (Engineering & Advice Office) and Martens en Van Oord will remove some of the remaining breakwaters. It will be necessary to dig up to 4 meters deep. In order to remove various waste materials from the sand, sieving equipment will be used.

Because UXO (unexploded ordnance) can also be found during the cleanup operation, additional safety measures have been taken. The sieving equipment will be set up at a separate location on the beach and will be shielded by containers of 6 meters in height. In case of an explosion there will be no direct danger to the environment.

By the end of June 2017, the project will be finished and the beach will be ready for the summer holidays.

UXO Technicians
Two Bodac UXO Technicians are on site during active sifting operations. The UXO Technicians conducting the overall visual survey of the area prior to starting operations and witness the operations form the armored control room. The excavated material will be introduced into the feed hopper/grizzly using an armored loader. Material greater than the programmed size will be rejected and discharged to one side of the grizzly. Oversized material that are not compatible with the size reduction equipment, such as very large items, lumber, rubber, wire, etc. will be sorted and transported to a separate area.

The material passing the grizzly  falls into the feed hopper and onto a heavy duty conveyor belt, which leads to the magnet. The magnet collects ferrous metal items and discharges the metal to the end of the beltline. All scrap areas will be 100% inspected by our trained UXO Technicians.

Materials removed by the sifting plant and sorting process will be segregated and managed accordingly. The mechanical sifting operations are conducted in a safe, efficient, and productive manner.