UXO Searching at Wangerooge (D)

duiker offshore detectie explosieven
Lifting Equipment Wangerooge

UXO Searching at Wangerooge (D)

Cliënt: Abeko Dredging & Marine Contractors Ltd.
Project: Kampfmittelerkundung im Teilbereich der Jade, KM 36.2 – 40,1 Wangerooge 
Period: 2014

Two kilometres north of the Frisian Island of Wangerooge in Germany, around 75 detected objects were approached and identified by divers. At ca. 20 meters below sea level, dozens of German and British contact mines, an air-laid ground mine and several crates with 3,7 cm grenades were found.

BODAC was chosen by ABEKO to intervene, identify and remove this UXO before the waterway could be dredged and deepened.

BODAC used Air Diving Equipment to identify irregularities and secure the grenades. Lifting Equipment was used to move the mines to shallow water where they could be safely destroyed above the surface during low tide.

The destruction of the explosives was done on land, in order to protect flora and fauna of the “Nationalpark Wattenmeer”.