Nordstream 2: PUXO 2X submarine pipelines and onshore facilities - Baltic Sea

nordstream kabel

Client:                                    NSea
Implementation period:       2017

The Nordstream 2 project consists of two undersea pipelines with a diameter of 1,20 meters. The pipelines and attached onshore facilities cross through most of the Baltic Sea, from the Russian coast to the German coast.

Throughout history the Baltic Sea has been the theatre of naval warfare. As a result of this fighting, many remnants of unexploaded ordnance (UXO) are still present in the seabed. Examples are mines, bombs from airplanes and torpedo’s. There are also several dump sites for munitions present in the Baltic Sea. One of these, near the island Bornholm, was used as a dumping ground for both regular and chemical munitions. These historical events, as well as present day military practice areas, make it necessary to conduct UXO surveys in the Baltic Sea. BODAC scanned the seabed with multibeam echo sonar (MBES), side-scan sonar (SSS), magnetometer and gradiometer equipment. The data was then analysed to provide a clear picture of unexploaded ordnance still present in the seabed. When necessary BODAC removed dangerous objects along the sea-corridor.