Nordlink: pUXO 516 km cable - Between Germany and Norway


Client:                                     NOKA Offshore GmbH
Implementation period:       2017

Noka Offshore GmbH is currently constructing a submarine HVDC-cable between Germany and Norway. These construction efforts are part of the 516 kilometre long NordLink power network which crosses German, Danish and Norwegian waters. Before the cable can be placed, it is imperative to survey the seabed for unexploaded ordnance (UXO). Noka Offshore has granted a part of these surveys to the joint combination BODAC/N-Sea. Between the North-German city of Büsum and the Danish-German border the seabed has been scanned with multibeam echo sonar (MBES), side-scan sonar (SSS), magnetometer and gradiometer equipment. BODAC analysed the data of these scans to provide a clear picture of unexploaded ordnance still present in the seabed. When necessary BODAC removed dangerous objects along the sea-corridor.