UXO Searching of the 'Lock Belfeld’

offshore explosieven opsporing duiker

UXO Searching of the ‘Lock Belfeld’ 

Client: Department of Waterways
Period: 2013-2014

Following a historical research carried out by Bodac, the Department of Waterways requested Bodac to search the outport of the ‘Lock Belfeld’ for Conventional Explosives (CE) from the Second World War. In the future, civil works will take place at the project site with the purpose of deepening the outport of the ‘East Lock’.

The surface of the search area was approximately 30,000 m². A total of 23 interferences had been interpreted from the detection data. Divers have approached the suspicious objects to determine whether they were explosives.

A part of the project area could not be detected and was therefore dredged with explosion-protected equipment and the dredging was subsequently sieved.