UXO Searching in the new harbour of Zutphen

offshore explosieven opsporing
offshore explosieven opsporing

Searching for unexploded ordnance in the new harbour of Zutphen

Cliënt: The Authorities of Zutphen
Period: 2015-2016

BODAC B.V. was searching for unexploded ordnance (UXO) at the new designed harbour located in Zutphen. The Authorities of Zutphen had decided to dredge out a new harbour. Before the dredging and construction work of the new harbour and jetties could begin, it was necessary to clear the area from UXO hazards 250lbs General Purpose Bombs and bigger. These activities were carried out by using surface detection combined with Diving activities for the deeper areas. 

With computer aided detection were depths of up to 4.50 m1 -surface for 250 lbs General purpose bombs and bigger be achieved, and a maximum of 2.50 m1 - surface for artillery ammunition based on the largest calibre ammunition. To get a higher measuring density and certainty we measured with a probe distance of 33.3 cm. This enables us to get better visibility into properties with a smaller volume. The measurement data will be digitally stored and combined with the DGPS position of the probes. This results in a presentable picture of possible existing CE and the exact position thereof in the soil. All deeper objects in the water were identified and cleared by divers, this was the safest and best solution in this environment.

The harbour work is finished satisfactorily. Reporting, documenting, survey and clearance work delivered using DGPS systems and latest GIS applications. Where it is not possible to carry out proactive  explosive ordnance surveys ahead of dredging operations, Bodac is able to provide experienced UXO Technicians On-board, On-shore or On-call to deal with any eventuality relating to explosive ordnance, bombs or other types of munitions.