Archaeology at Sittard De Ligne

Archaeology at Sittard De Ligne 

Cliënt: The Authorities of Sittard
Period: 2015

Commissioned by the municipality of Sittard, Den Ouden groep awarded as contractor the reconstruction of the environment of a large construction project in Sittard. Several streets will be provided with new drainage and repaved. In addition, the Brook “Keutelbeek” must be reconstructed so that it flows above ground.

Due to its location just outside the medieval city centre of Sittard and partly in the ancient battle fields it is likely that archaeological values are ​​present in the subsurface. Therefore the municipality of Sittard contracted Bodac for the scope of work regarding the archaeological work. Bodac is a branch of the service oriented family business Den Ouden Groep. Bodac has many years of national and international experience in the Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) market. That means that an archaeologist with unexploded ordnance (UXO) certification is watching the excavation where necessary, based on historical research.

Some trial trenches are dug in the soil to see if there are any old valuable residues are present in the subsurface.

In one of the test trenches an old moat has been discovered from the period 1500-1700. Also, a small amount of pottery has been found which can help dating the canal and the different soil layers.

The work will continue in stages until mid-2017. We already started producing the first research data.