Archaeology Park Lingezegen

bodemonderzoek explosieven

Archaeology Park Lingezegen

Client: Park Lingezegen
Period: 2013-2014

Park Lingezegen is a natural reserve in development. The park is located in the area between Arnhem, Nijmegen, Elst and Bemmel and has a surface area of around 1,700 ha. This makes it one of the largest development projects in the Province of Gelderland.

The Park consists of five areas, one of which, the ‘Agricultural Area’, had to be detected because of a risk of UXO. The area suffered greatly during the Second World War and was one of the main stages of Operation Market Garden. As a result of this Operation and subsequent fighting, many different types of UXO could be found in the area, such as small calibre ammunition, hand- and rifle grenades, artillery grenades and rockets.

Besides UXO, a more disturbing discovery was made as well: during the detection works, Bodac found the remains of three German soldiers who were buried in a shallow field grave. The remains were transferred to a laboratory of the BIDKL. The three soldiers were probably killed in October 1944, in the aftermath of Operation Market Garden.