Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) at your project location is highly dangerous

Research has shown that the Dutch soil beneath the surface contains a large quantity of conventional explosives (CE) from the Second World War, of which currently only 20% have been located or salvaged. The presence of leftover war material can be dangerous to people, animals and the surrounding environment during the development of building projects and infrastructural work.

We at BODAC have a passion for detecting the past in the soil, such as conventional explosives (CE), aircraft wreckage and archaeological findings. Our passionate employees have a lot of experience and knowledge of explosives. We investigate and advise regarding responsible precautions and follow-up actions. We translate our advice into detection and approach-related activities to ensure that your project location is free from leftover war material. We do this in adherence with legally imposed safety norms, combining our specialised knowhow with modern apparatus, rigorous methods and effective cooperation with the Dutch Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit – or Explosieven Opruimingsdienst Defensie (EOD) – and our client.

Your safety is our concern, naturally…