New technology: Remotely Operated Dredge (ROD)

Bodac has designed and bought a new crawler crane ‘Doosan DX490 LX’ with a ROD system to expand the work. In recent weeks the crane has been tested a lot.

The system makes it possible to excavate and move sand, cobblestones and small dirt lying on the seabed.  The system has a maximum dredging depth of approximately 18 meters. 

This system is fitted with the Aris Explorer 3000 sonar, Oculus M750D sonar, integrated positioning system (DGPS - RTK), Sensys magnetometers, Altimeter ISA500, lasers, camera & light and debris-grabber. With the help of these tools it’s possible to use the ROD system as a remote system for:

  • Magnetic detection / pinpointing of a target on or in the seabed;
  • Excavating objects, which are (partly) buried in the seabed;
  • Collect information for identification of objects;
  • Removal of debris;
  • Conduct an as-left survey.