High Potential Near Miss: Unplanned Handling of Unexploded Ordnance

IMCA Safety flash
During debris removal/recovery operations being undertaken along a subsea cable trenching corridor, several items of unexploded ordnance (UXO) were bought to the surface and landed on deck with recovered debris. Please read attached safety flash 17/18.

I am glad to see organisations take their responsibility to inform the industry on safety issues.

To avoid potential incidents and project delays a proper UXO desktop study according industry standards must be performed prior every construction phase. If this study highlights a potential explosive ordnance risk, a UXO Survey, Identification and Clearance operation must be executed. Even after all these steps there shall be a residual risk which needs to be taken into account.

If a suspected object is found on the seabed or brought to deck and you’re in doubt if it’s explosive ordnance or parts of it, please call Bodac for advice and a trained EOD engineer will deal with the situation.

Learn more about UXO Risk mitigation or 24 hour support please contact us.

Auke van der Velde
EOD Manager Bodac

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